A simple solution for a well known problem

Adding additional front and rear cup holders to Tesla® vehicles

Tesla® vehicles currently lack an adequate number of cup holders for both the front and rear passengers. Our unique cup holder solutions not only add 2 more holders to the existing front holders, but it adds 2 cup holders for those riding in the rear seats as well.

By placing our Tesla Cup Holder into the existing 2 front cup holders, you gain an extra 2 holders when the center arm rests are pushed back. With the arm rests pushed forward you are still able to use Tesla Cup Holder offering comfort and convenience for both driver and passenger!


Rear Cup Holders

Add Cup Holders for Your Guests

In addition to the Tesla Cup Holder for front passengers needs, we have created a special holder for the rear passengers as well. The sliding arm rest does not interfere with the rear holders, so those traveling in the back seat can have a place to put their drinks for the trip!

The Rear Cup Holder will not block the rear center console air vent which will help keep all of your passengers comfortable!

As a special Bonus we are offering our Rear Cup Holder for Half Price when you order both the Front and Rear Cup Holder! Get both sets for only $69.99 + Shipping* ( Save $10 ), regularly the Rear Cup Holder is $39.99 + SHIPPING*.


High Quality Construction

Precision Engineered for your Tesla®!

The Tesla Cup Holder has been engineered to fit your vehicle perfectly with no sharp corners or edges. The Tesla Cup Holder is made from high quality plastic making it lightweight, sturdy and easily washable! The Tesla Cup Holder comes in black leather-grain texture only.

There are 2 different Tesla Cup Holders, one for the Front and one for the Rear of the vehicle. The front holder has 4 usable drink holders while the rear has 2, and does not cover the air vents ( vents will still be able to push out indirect air ).

The Front Cup Holder can be quickly removed by just lifting it straight up and out of the 2 existing cup holders. The rear holder is held in place using cleanly removable adheasive strips and can be removed if needed, but will require new strips to re-attach.


Your office on the go!

Convenient area for phones, notepads, tablets, writing utensils and chargers!

The Tesla Cup Holder has a molded in slot where you can easily keep a pen and paper handy. The slot on the Tesla Cup Holder has been designed with pen/pencil holder holes, power charger holes to allow a phone to be charged while in the compartment and more!

We know that technology is everywhere so we designed the holders on both the front and rear Tesla Cup Holders to hold a small tablet with its charger attached at the bottom!


It Will Hold Up!

It was designed to be SUPER TOUGH!

Our Tesla Cup Holders were designed with strength and safety in mind. We made sure that the holders were super strong, yet lightweight. Our Rear Cup Holder attachment system using Velcro® was designed to hold more weight than what 2 extra large drinks would ever weigh. It will take whatever your busy life will throw at it!

As seen in our demonstration video below, not even a 10 lb weight will make it fall off, but yet a single finger can easily remove it!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don't love our Tesla Cup Holders, return it for a full refund**!

Our Tesla Cup Holders are designed to take the weight! With our easy mouting system it can hold more than 10 lbs without damaging the holder or vehicle!

While we are confident that you will love your new Tesla Cup Holder we are offering a no risk guarantee on our Tesla Cup Holders. If you do not feel that the product is the best value for the money, we will buy it back! If you are not happy, return the product to us and we will return the purchase price* to you. Give one a try today!

** The refund price is for the Tesla Cup Holder units purchased, plus tax, less the amount of any shipping costs.


$39.99 + SHIPPING*

If you Order the Rear Seat holder at the same time we will send both for only $69.99 + SHIPPING*!

Fast Shipping

All orders placed on Tesla Pride should be shipped to you within a few days!

Designed to Fit

Our Tesla Cup Holders have been engineered and designed to fit ALL Tesla® models.

Questions or Comments

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